Friday, 15 November 2013

First week -- Author Insights

I haven't been interpersonal in this blog. I've been hiding behind the curtain; behind the published poems and reviews... works already completed, somehow lending credentials or validity to my status as a writer. Daily life tends to eat away at my time, and my brain, but I realize the importance of sharing my writing process and struggles, amidst work and family. This is a dynamic time:  maybe I am biting off slightly more than I can chew, but I can see the doors opening. I am producing, moving forward, making new connections, and witnessing another world opening; another chapter beginning. I am now working through the initial edits from Inkwater Press for my debut novel, Turnstiles. The process is daunting, and exhilarating. The notion of publishing my novel this winter, and launching a book tour is also more than a little overwhelming -- life altering, self-actualizing. After fifteen years of quietly living with fictional characters, seemingly real. They are soon going to emerge into the world. Meanwhile, the author takes care of her kids, rides the bus to and from work, and tries to delve further into the global literary community. I find time to put stamps on my poems, as well; button up their little coats and send them off to literary journals. Through the beauty of Facebook, I am making meaningful connections with other writers:  some I have since been fortunate enough to connect with in person, others I may never actually meet; but we are engaging and supporting each other: poets, novelists, and readers uniting. I am grateful, hopeful, excited, nervous and soaring!