Thursday, 30 October 2014

A Great Day for Turnstiles!

Today I found out that Turnstiles has once again sold out at Munro's Books in Victoria. I also received a wonderful invitation to attend another book club meeting next month as a visiting author to discuss my novel. Excuse me, while I do the 'happy dance'.

A Sweet Gesture From My Five-Year-Old Son

My eldest son was telling me that his kindergarten teacher said when she was a little girl she wanted to be a teacher one day, and now she is a teacher. I told him that if you work hard you can become whatever you want to be, and that when I was a little girl I wanted to write a book one day. Then he asked me if he could have his own copy of my book. I said "of course". He asked if he could see his copy of my book, so I gave him one. He read the words "Chapter One" and asked me "is this a chapter book?" Then he started flipping through my book -- very gently and slowly lifting the bottom corner of each page and saying "ooh, nice book. There are a lot of words in your book!" He wanted to put a bookmark in it, so that he can continue looking at the pages tomorrow and not lose his place. He was very adamant that I put it away somewhere safe for him to read one day, and told me to remember not to sell it to anyone else. He also asked me if he could write a book one day, too. My heart is melting! xoxo

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Please Help My Book Reach More Readers in Canadian Bookstores and Libraries

I have asked my publisher to sign an agreement to supply copies of my book to a Canadian book distributor, so that my book can be sent to Canadian bookstores and libraries. I am still awaiting the decision. At the moment, I am buying copies of my book at an author discount to shelve in local bookstores on consignment. If you are interested in purchasing my book, Turnstiles, please also ask your local bookstores to order/stock it. If there is more demand for my book, then my publisher and the Canadian distributor may be more willing to help me reach a wider audience, and it would relieve me from paying for my own book to sell to readers. Turnstiles is receiving wonderful reviews, and I would like to have the opportunity to make it more available to the public. Thank you for your support. Cheers, everyone! xo

Literary Passages -- The Island of the Day Before by Umberto Eco

And, alone, I live, burning dullness and tenebrous flame, vague specter that in this adverse conflict of opposites my mind imagines ever the same, and so would convey to yours. Saving my life in this wood fortress, in this rocking bastion that defends me, prisoner of the sea, from the sea, punished by the clemency of Heaven, hidden in this deep sarcophagus open to every sun, in this airy dungeon, in this impregnable prison that offers me everywhere escape, I despair of seeing you more.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Literary Passages -- The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco

What is the purpose of the holy cleansing of confession, if not to unload the weight of sin, and the remorse it involves, into the very bosom of our Lord, obtaining with absolution a new and airy lightness of soul, such as to make us forget the body tormented by wickedness?

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Buy/download a copy of Turnstiles or write a review on the Inkwater Books website

Check out my debut novel Turnstiles, write a review on the Inkwater Books website at and/or share this link. Curl up with a good read on a wet, windy autumn day! Cheers xo

Submitting my novel Turnstiles as a book suggestion at the University of Calgary

I was notified today by someone who suggested my novel Turnstiles for the Common Reading Program at the University of Calgary. If you feel so inclined, you can also suggest Turnstiles for this program. I am sure they choose books based on the criteria, as well as the amount of interest. Here is the link:

Monday, 13 October 2014

Literary passages -- The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

Franz abandoned himself to that mute reverie, into which we always sink when smoking excellent tobacco, which seems to remove with its fume all the troubles of the mind, and to give the smoker in exchange all the visions of the soul.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

A Week in the Life of a Writing, Working Mom...

Since life is getting busier by the day, and my old school journaling has fallen to wayside, I thought to start keeping record of my writing life in my writing blog... makes sense, right? The days and stolen hours of my 'settling down on the couch with a glass of wine or herbal tea and recapping the week in my journal (yes, pen and paper)' seem to be disappearing. The responsibilities at my day job are ramping up, and the boys are getting bigger and more vocally demanding... so, admittedly, the end of the day usually dissolves into TV land, as we try to clear out all the shows we've PVR'd. I know, Stephen King said that if you want to be a serious writer, the TV should be the first thing to go. I want to emphasize that I do find time to be creative and work on my writing projects -- currently, I am polishing my prequel novella to Turnstiles. My darling husband is going over my manuscript with fresh eyes, as well. I am also still trying to find a home for my second full-length manuscript of poetry titled Spectrums & Apertures, and a chapbook of ghazis. I do feel divided at times... drifting away from the physical connection with my writing community as I devote my time to my boys and count the diminishing hours in the evening until the next 10-hour work day (I leave the house at 7:30am and return at 5:30pm). My oldest son has begun kindergarten, which changes some scheduling and adds some light 'homework' for the three of us to complete each evening. Anyhow, it is life and work and writing, being present and productive and keeping it all going without letting go of hopes and dreams. I want to express a huge gratitude to all of you who have been following my posts, joining me on Twitter, liking my author pages, and purchasing my book and kindly writing reviews. It means the world to me and helps me to stay inspired and encouraged in my writing endeavours. I recently had the dilemma of whether or not to keep my books shelved on local bookshelves on consignment because I find I am providing my books from the publisher out of my own pocket. I did make the hard decision to provide a few more copies, and I hope they sell. You can check out the link at Bolen Books My books are also available at Munro Books and Mosaic Books I am enjoying the connections and conversations I've had with many new authors, as well as some of your works I've had the opportunity to read so far. I do intend to return these favours and honour the work of my writing peers. I am here, writing; either on a keyboard or in my head in the in-between time. Thank you for staying with me and being a part of my journey as a new author. I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend and I wish you a productive and enjoyable week ahead! Cheers, Andrea xo