Monday, 9 September 2013

After a few years of silence, I am resurrecting my inner blogger. My previous blog can still be viewed at My writing life was slightly derailed after having two boys, but I still have managed to put stamps on my manuscripts and get my words out the door. I am now thrilled to announce that my first novel, Turnstiles, is being published by Inkwater Press and will be available in the coming months! Meanwhile, I am still firing out my poetry manuscripts, as well. My first book of poetry, A Mother's String, was published by Ekstasis Editions in 2005. I have completed my 2nd book-length poetry manuscript and a chapbook-length manuscript of ghazals; hopefully I will find a home for them soon.
As for Turnstiles, I can't believe it is actually happening! I want to thank all of my friends and family for their encouragement and support for my dream of writing a novel, all these years. To my friends who read Turnstiles in its various stages of work-in-progress and gave me constructive feedback; to my husband who cooked dinner so that I could work on Turnstiles; to my mom who read the very first chapters and told me to "keep on going!"; and I would even like to go way back to my third grade teacher who told me she wouldn't be surprised if she saw a book written by me one day. If that's not fuel for the fire, I don't know what is! Last, but of course not least, I want to thank Inkwater Press for their enthusiasm in assisting me to realize my dream of bringing Turnstiles into the world.
So, I am back in the blog, and I will update the events of my writing life as often as I am able. I hope you will all join me!

Happy reading,
Andrea xo