Friday, 18 October 2013

Mocambo Coffee Poetry Series Moves to the Black Stilt Cafe

The Black Stilt Cafe lends a relaxing and creative atmosphere with comforting sounds of the usual coffee ground buzz. The cafe will have more lyrical sounds, as a new poetry series titled Planet Earth Poetry, formerly known as the Mocambo Coffee poetry series (Mocambopo), moves in September 15th.


This has been a supportive environment where long-time poets encourage up-and-coming scribes – a safe place to try new tricks and give the written word small wings for great distances. Dave Crothall, owner of the Black Stilt Cafe, is thrilled about the opportunity to inherit a well-established poetry series.


Over the past decade, the Mocambopo series has been treated to readings by local and national well-established and aspiring writers, which began in 1995. Wendy Morton, the host of Mocambopo, will continue to host the poetry series in its new venue.


“I’ve been the host and organizer [of Mocambopo] since 1999. It looked as though the series might end, so I stepped in,” said Morton. “The Friday poetry nights have been a source of delight and given me a chance to befriend many of the best poets in Canada.”


“I had been hunting for a poetry group for some time, even prodding friends to try and put something together,” said Crothall. “So when Wendy [Morton] approached me, I was definitely interested.”


The Black Stilt is strategically located in the neighbourhood of Hillside and Shelbourne, as it is teeming with students attending the nearby University of Victoria (UVic) and Camosun College campuses.


“We have hosted the UVic Writing Group for a poetry night before, and are frequented by students during evening hours,” said Crothall. “The proximity to the university and college campuses was definitely a contributing factor in locating here. I am hoping to have a very popular poetry group that attracts people and contributes to our evening lounge ambience; allowing people to enjoy The Black Stilt’s amazing space.


The Mocambopo series ended due to an inability to reach an agreement of terms between the venue owner and poetry host. Eric Mun is the last owner to take on this creative facet of the Mocambo Coffee legacy and business.


“I really am proud of the poetry series at Mocambo Coffee,” said Mun. “I would like to try and start another poetry night here and to have another host, if possible.”


“The Black Stilt was necessary because the current owner of Mocambo was not happy with the arrangement,” said Morton. “The Black Stilt welcomed us with open arms, as the owner already wanted a poetry venue. The new space is elegant with beautiful light and a proper stage.”


The new name, Planet Earth Poetry, was given out of necessity and ensures the poetry series will be welcomed as both universal and portable. Planet Earth Poetry makes the poetry series a venue for the world.


As writers must take brave risks with their key strokes and pens, they must also greet change with an open perspective. Here is the opening of a new stanza and a new paragraph in a long series of great works-in-progress.



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