Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Exciting Times for my novel Turnstiles

My debut novel, Turnstiles, has been in the literary world for about a month, and I've been working hard to keep the buzz buzzing. A huge thank you to those of you who are retweeting and sharing my posts about unfolding events. So far, I have mailed copies of my novel (via email or snail mail) to literary publications and high profile blogs for reviews, lined up reading/book signing events, sold a good number of books directly to friends. I've also listed Turnstiles on various author network websites:,, Soon, I'll be taking Turnstiles 'on the road' very soon... first stop, La Fontana Caffe in Burnaby, BC on February 18th @ 7:30pm. The confirmed reading events on the book launch trip are: Mulberry Bush Book Store in Parksville, BC on March 7, 2014 @ 12:30pm Shelf Life Books in Calgary, Alberta on April 3, 2014 @ 7:30pm Mosaic Books in Kelowna, BC on July 12, 2014 (time of event TBD) I am getting myself organized and mentally prepared to take on each of these events -- the travel involved and sheer nerves required to promote my book; to do it justice, and honour the years of quiet work and whittling away at every word. I will post more about these events, as the dates approach. For now, I am posting my social media updates and peddling my book to friends, family, colleagues and local bookstores. I am already humbled by the number of people in my life who are buying my book and helping to support my dream. I will be approaching Ivy's Bookshop (Oak Bay), Munro's book store (downtown Victoria), Russell Books (downtown Victoria), and Tanners books (Sidney), in hopes that they will agree to place signed copies on their bookshelves. Currently, Turnstiles is available in the following online bookstores: I hope you all stay tuned for upcoming reading events, web listings, social media posts and reviews of my novel, Turnstiles. Please also share this information about my book when and where you can. Thank you so much! Love, Andrea xo