Thursday, 1 May 2014

A very candid blog from a tired, beer-buzzed mommy and moonlighting author

Okay fellow readers and authors, this isn't one of my usual reading event or book review postings. Instead, it is a candid post about my writing experience tonight. I thought it would be a nice, refreshing change to share a part of myself. The truth is I would like to stay up all night writing, but there is an alarm clock that will sound at 6:30am, beckoning me to shower and get ready for work. Like many of you, I am existing on the hamster wheel of daycare mornings, rushing to work, getting home late, and making sure my little men are fed, happy, clean and getting to bed at a decent hour. At the moment, I am feeling inspired to write a few more paragraphs of my prequel novella, A Crowded Heart, and I am happily buzzed on some lovely beer (dinner of champions?). It feels like it should be Saturday night! The boys were fed of course, but my hubby and I -- not so much. He is currently chowing down on a chocolate revel. Still, he is content, laid back and happy that I am writing. I am one lucky lady! TMI? I sincerely hope not -- this is the reality some nights with regard to my life as a working mom, wife and author (at times, in that order), hoping to fulfill the dream of becoming a successful full-time author. Hey, the laundry is done and the dishes are clean. There simply needs to be more hours in the day. Okay, I am signing off for the night. Wishing you all sweet dreams, happy writing and good books! Andrea xo