Thursday, 28 August 2014

End of Summer Musings

Once again, I am venturing out on a limb to provide a glimpse into my daily life. Time never seems to be on my side, but I manage to steal a few minutes here and there to write, revise, read, journal, and map out my books. The summer has been full of adventures. At the moment, I am hastily working to finish my second work of fiction -- a prequel novella to my debut novel Turnstiles, which is titled A Crowded Heart -- as well as marketing my novel (to the point of ad nauseum, but such is the hopeful road to success for an indie author), trying to keep my head above water at my day job (okay, come on winning lottery ticket or best-selling novel... whichever comes first!), raising my two little monkeys, and making sure our house doesn't fall apart. This fall, I am priviledged to have a poem published in a Newborn Anthology published by Leaf Press -- very exciting! I am also waiting to hear back from a publisher about whether or not my second book of poems will be accepted for publication. So, there is a lot happening for me, and I am chipping away at new writing projects and looking forward to the unfolding dream of this author life. Thank you all for following my blog, and I do hope you continue to visit this page, spread the word, and check out my books. Wishing you a glorious Labour Day long weekend --- let's all soak up the sun's warmth before the first leaf hits the ground. We will be leaving civilization for a few days! Cheers, Andrea McKenzie Raine xo