Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy 2015!

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope 2015 brings health, happiness, success and prosperity -- as well as new inspirations and wonderful books. I am pumped up for the new year -- feeling the creative juices flowing steadily and hoping that I am able to turn my writing passions into a career. I am focused on completing my prequel novel to Turnstiles. As well, I am still trying to find a home for my second book of poetry and a chapbook of ghazis, which are titled a Spectrums & Apertures and A Year of Mornings. I am collaborating with a childhood friend to publish another chapbook of ghazis titled Impetus on Kindle Direct Publishing. She is a talented illustrator located in Norway. It is a special project for both of us. I have a large box of filled journals in the basement, and a half-written journal in my night table. These days, it seems harder to find the time to scribble in an 'old school' journal about my daily life, past events, current writing projects and happenings and future endeavours. Somehow, sitting at the computer is easier and more immediate, although I can't share every intimate thought in a global arena -- so I will share the highlights: my professional plans, upcoming events, current writings, and a snapshot of family life (as my children and general family support, creative inspiration and challenges relate to my writing). Thank you for following my writing blog, sharing my posts, reading my books, and lending your support and virtual and/or real world friendships. I look forward to connecting more with you as the year unfolds. Cheers and happy reading and writing, Andrea McKenzie Raine xo