Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Judge, 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

This is a sensitively told and intriguing drama that unfolds around the world from London to Paris, Canada to the United States. The trade paper package is a good one: The matte cover features an attractive type treatment, but the title is hard to read due to a lack of contrast. The cover image is strong and striking. But overall, the bland color palette limits the impact of the cover. The spine also suffers from a lack of contrast. The back cover is well-designed; the cover copy is good and the endorsement is a nice touch. The author bio is solid and the author photo is striking. The interior is clean and well-designed, and the text is well-edited and presented. The writing is clear and precise and very readable. The style is engaging and entertaining, straightforward and direct. The author writes about people who are lost on every level physical, emotional, and spiritual with compassion and insight. Her characters are finely drawn and well-developed. This is a rich and layered work told by a first-rate storyteller. That said, the author tends to move from one character's point of view to another within the same scene; this head jumping detracts from the story and undermines its effectiveness.

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