Sunday, 23 November 2014

Recap of an Evening Spent with a Local Book Club Who Read Turnstiles

On Thursday night, I had the privilege to be invited to a local book club as a guest author to discuss my novel Turnstiles. It was such a treat (and a little surreal!) to be in a room of women who had studiously read the book; they also quoted passages and spurred on great discussions about different themes. The wine flowed as well as the words. I was impressed by the questions that were raised and musings about different characters and parts of the story; not to mention greatly encouraged by the group's overall positive comments about the book and how connected and sympathetic they felt toward the characters and their various plights. I was also told that it was one of the only times they had spent the entire evening discussing a book they had read. I look forward to more opportunities to chat with book clubs, and spend a rare literary evening engaged in the company of readers! I am feeling inspired.

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